Zoom H4 Press Coverage

“The H4 is really three devices in one: a stereo field recorder, a 4-track recorder for songwriting on the road, and a USB computer interface. … you’ll find the Zoom H4 to be a very versatile, do-nearly-everything unit.”

Dan Berkowitz
Premiere Guitar
December 2007: Web Exclusive
Product Spotlight: Zoom H2 and H4: Two Handy Recorders (link)

“This remarkable flash recorder performs an astonishingly wide array of recording and processing tasks for such a diminutively sized (and priced) piece of gear.”

Jude Gold
Guitar Player
August 2007
Zoom_H4_GP_Review.pdf (200KB PDF Download)

“After spending the better part of a month with the H4, I have to conclude that it’s handy indeed. I like the convenience of the built-in mics, and the dual-purpose inputs are a solid plus…”

Mark Nelson
O’Reilly Digital Media
February, 2007
O’Reilly Review: Zoom H4 Handy Recorder (link)

“In the studio, the mics sounded really good. It was interesting to listen to the mic modeling change as I switched to the warmer U87 or the full, yet brighter C414 (SM57 and MD421 models are also included). They sounded very respectable and could fit into a final mix without apologies…”

David Huber
EQ Magazine
March 2007
EQ-H4_Review.pdf (144KB PDF Download)

“Its construction quality is good, sound quality excellent, and included accessories and expanded capabilities top-notch… you can’t find a better value anywhere for such a good recording interface.”

Joe Shambro
November, 2006
About.com Review (link)

“How does the H4 sound? Using its internal mics with no processing, the H4 was very good… I recorded a quiet acoustic guitar a foot from the mics. The playback sounded wide-range and clear with a little upper-midrange emphasis.”

Bruce Bartlett
ProAudio Review
November, 2006
Pro Audio Review (link)