Nick Catanese

“The H4 is a super recording device! It’s easy to use and you can carry it anywhere you go or record anything you want in true stereo. If you have song ideas or want to use it for sound effects, you can just aim it and BAM, you got true stereo recording! The H4 is YOUR piece of gear.”

Nick Catanese – guitarist – Black Label Society

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Nick Catanese Bio:
Nick “Evil Twin” Catanese is known as the rhythm/lead guitarist in Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society and for his work in the movie Rock Star. Known for his unique ability to double Wylde’s rippingly intense solos live and mimic them in the studio earned Catanese the “Evil Twin” handle from Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde himself.

In 1996, Zakk embarking on his solo project, “The Book of Shadows”, found it necessary for the first time to work with another guitarist and Nick became the guitarist Zakk chose to fill that slot. The acoustic tour in support of Book of Shadows spanned from mid 1996 to early 1998 covering the U.S. and Japan. In Japan the pair opened for Steve Vai and Motley Crue.

In early 1999 Zakk ask Catanese to join his very “non-acoustical” project, Black Label Society. Capturing Wylde’s style translated into a powerful live fusion in the tour that followed supporting of the debut album Sonic Brew released in 1999 and proved to be a magnetic combination for the years to follow.

Nick Catanese has been with Zakk for the last 11 years, including touring the world a numerous amount of times, 2 live DVD releases, 9 studio releases, many beers and a countless amount of Ozzfest’s.

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