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Marcus Henderson

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“I have been scribbling down riffs on napkins and have sung melodies into my own (and other’s) phones at strange hours just to remember song ideas for as long as I can remember… Finally Zoom made the perfect recording unit for people like me who have a ton of ideas and need the easiest way to get them all recorded as quick as possible. The H4 helps me manage the flow of ideas and nicely categorizes licks and sessions for easy access later on my computer. The jam I kicked out on the H4 was played on my Epiphone Apparition signature model with a Zoom G2 straight into the H4’s internal 4 track recorder. The idea buzzed through my head while riffing on the porch and I ran in to the grab my H4 and tracked each part in real time with sans click, one layer at a time. It’s called “Charge of the Zoom Brigade!” and The killer thing about the H4 for me is I can sing an idea into the external stereo mic’s, or I can plug in direct and track ideas thru the internal 4 track that has a sweet set of Zoom presets inside. Thanks to Zoom for helping me get my crazy ideas out there even quicker!”

Marcus Henderson’s Bio:

…If you’ve ever heard of a video game series called GUITAR HERO and GUITAR HERO II, ENCORE:80’s etc; Chances are you’re rockin’out to some of my work! Every generation has a lightning rod to the guitar. From Hendrix to Van Halen and beyond, millions of people have been inspired to rock just by hearing the masters at work. In 2005 Guitar Hero awoke the masses and re-introduced some of the most incredible rock songs ever recorded to a whole new generation of hearts, ears and hands eager to rock.

Possessing an innate passion for the instrument, natural musicality, and a drive to exceed ridiculous levels of musical standards, Marcus is energy, personality, musicianship and presence personified as a leader for the new generation of rockers all over the world.

I grew up(?) as a little skate punk/metal-head kid in the east bay during the late eighties, and basically lived at The Stone and Omni from 87-90. I hardly remember the 90’s… I do remember being in several other bands along the way. A few of ‘em probably even would sound familiar if i told you who they were, but who cares. I have also been in 2 of possibly the worst feature films ever made, and in between enjoying the art of Mark Ryden and wishing i could skate like my guitar bro Chris Cole, i try and balance out the hatred and fascism spewing from the assholes in the white house by being as loud and as rebellious as possible. Come out to a show sometime and say hi, or go hit my forum section called “Ask a guitar hero” on!

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