If your goal is to record musical performances, songwriting sessions or rehearsals with virtually no set-up time, the Zoom H2 Handy Recorder is for you. Its ability to effortlessly record anything with unparalleled depth and clarity with astound you.


While most digital recorders have fixed recording angles, the H2 allows you to set your mic patterns to the best configuration for the situation. This added flexibility, means you will always be ready to capture the moment and get the best possible sound.


Since the H2 has four high-quality condenser mics on-board, you make 2-channel or 4-channel, 360° recordings. This feature allows you to capture amazingly accurate performances of your band, for example. If you choose the 4-channel mode, you can even convert these recordings to Surround 5.1! No other digital recorder has this capability.


The H2 also comes with an amazing amount of accessories which will further enhance your recording experience. From the included earbuds, desktop stand and USB cable to the innovative mic clip adapter, the H2 gives you everything you need to get started.

And both the H2 and the H4 have USB interfaces, so moving your recordings to your computer for editing and sharing has never been easier.

Brilliant stereo recording in a convenient, user-friendly package means there’s never been an easier way to record high quality audio. The H2 gives everyone the power to record anything and share it with anyone, anywhere.

View the Peter Erskine 30 second H2 spot

Peter Erskine 30 second H2 spot