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Doug Wimbish

“The Zoom H4 has changed the way I record drums — period.”

(Streaming Audio Features Will Calhoun on drums.)

Check out Doug’s latest release: “CinemaSonics”

Doug Wimbish Bio:

After 30 years of collaboration, and leading and being a member of a number of bands, Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish has just released CinemaSonics, a solo record on which he presents a snapshot that represent the wildest of musical journeys.

It’s no wonder why people call Doug “Journeyman Bassist.” Since his earliest days in the original Sugar Hill Records Rhythm Section, he’s gone on to play and record with Afrika Bambaataa, Funkadelic, James Brown, B.B. King, Al Green, Joe Satriani, Billy Idol, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Paula Cole, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, and The Rolling Stones … all of them, as a group, and individually.

In fact, one week in 1992, just a couple of months after joining Living Colour, Doug received calls from Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, and Seal who all wanted Doug to join their bands. Working on Living Colour’s “Stain” record at the time, Doug turned them all down, choosing to stay in the band in which he was an equal member … as he had been in Tack>>Head, the industrial funk band he had formed in London with Sugar Hill mates Skip “Little Axe” McDonald (guitar), and Keith Leblanc (drums). After writing and playing on hip-hop anthems such as “The Message,” “White Lines,” and “That’s the Joint,” business disputes with Sugar Hill owners Joe and Sylvia Robinson, had Doug, Skip, and Keith looking for more fertile musical ground. They found it in London with Reggae/Dub producer Adrian Sherwood, and vocalist Bernard Fowler. The new band was called Tack>>Head, and it quickly became a cult favorite in the European underground scene. Doug was known as a musician’s musician, who had to be seen live to be understood completely. It was in such live performances that Doug caught the attention of the Rock ‘n’ Roll elite. It was in London where he was seen by Mick Jagger (who appears on Tack>>Head’s “Strange Things” record in 1990), Jeff Beck, Annie Lennox, Depeche Mode, and other European artists he has since collaborated with.

Tack>>Head’s dissolution in 1992 was in name only … Doug’s musical collaboration with his Sugar Hill and Tack>>Head mates has been continuous … whether recording five of Skip’s albums as “Little Axe,” or Bernard’s “Bad Dog,” the four have continued to play as a band.

And since joining Living Colour, he and drummer Will Calhoun have played and recorded as a drum/bass duo called Head>>Fake, as well playing in Mos Def’s Black Jack Johnson band with P-Funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell, and Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know, playing on Mos’ “Black On Both Sides” and “New Danger” records.

In addition to the release of CinemaSonics, Doug has released a Head>>Fake DVD, “Live In the Area of Prague,” and a remix of “Trippy Notes for Bass,” his first solo record.

And living up to his “Journeyman” name, he’s most recently worked with Finnish Metal Opera singer Tarja Turunen, both on her first solo record, “My Winter Storm,” and on her tour of Europe in the Winter of 2007.

And look for a new Tack>>Head record sometime in 2008.

Doug’s Links: (website) (Doug CinemaSonics) (Tack>>Head)