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macOS Sonoma compatibility

Status of macOS Sonoma compatibility as of December 2023

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iOS 17 / iPadOS 17


Status of iOS/iPadOS 17 compatibility as of December 2023

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Hiro IIda in Orchetra pit

Sound creation with electronic music designer Hiro Iida

The world of an electronic music designer and the ZOOM audio interfaces used there

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Notification about the discontinuation of UAC-832 development

Notification about the discontinuation of UAC-832 development

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ZOOM F3 Field Recorder

ZOOM F3 : Problems using some SanDisk 1TB cards with ZOOM F3

Even though performance tests of SanDisk ( Ultra / Extreme / Extreme Pro ) 1TB SD cards conducted by the F3 would produce “OK” results, it was discovered that data would not be properly saved on these cards during audio recording.

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A silhouetted production crew using Zoom equipment to capture audio atop a hill overlooking a coastal village.
A creator seated at a table wearing headphones while using a Zoom Livetrak L-12.
A creator using a Zoom H1N to capture audio from a nearby train passing by.


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