100 Pedals In One

The MS-50G+ MultiStomp combines the power of a multi-effects processor into a single stompbox. With 100 effects, guitarists now have the perfect utility pedal to compliment their personalized pedal board.


The Zoom MS-50G+ MultiStomp pedal
MS-50G+ plugged into an aged Les Paul

Drives, Delays, Reverbs and More

The MS-50G+ features our latest Drives, Modulations, Delays, Reverbs, Compressors, Filters, and Special Effects. You can choose from classic effect emulations to Zoom originals, including preamps that are developed with our Multi-Layer IR technology.

Hear It
Guitarist building his own patch

Design Your Own Patches

Chain up to 6 effects to design and save your own custom patches.


color coded screens on the MS-50G+

Color Coded For The Stage

The LCD screen changes color, making it easier to distinguish each category of effects while scrolling.



Built To Last

The MS-50G+ is built with a metal frame designed to withstand the rigors of live performance.



Cross Key Switches For Easy Access

The Cross Key switches allow you to instantly switch between effects with a tap of your foot.


Guitarist adjusting effect parameters using the encoder knobs

Tweak It

Adjusting and tweaking parameters for each effect can be done with the four encoder knobs.

utilizing the stereo output on the MS-50G+

Stereo Outputs

The MS-50G+ includes two ¼” outputs supporting stereo effects like reverbs, choruses and delays.

guitar player tuning his instrument

You’re Gonna Love This Tuner

The onboard chromatic tuner uses the color backlight to give visual feedback to help you tune quickly and accurately. It supports all standard guitar tunings as well as open & drop tunings.


installing AA batteries into the MS-50G+

Power Up

The MS-50G+ runs on 2 AA batteries, USB power or AC power.


using an iPhone to chain and adjust effects

Handy Guitar Lab

With a growing library of patches and effects, guitarists can continue to expand their sound with the Handy Guitar Lab for MS-50G+ app for iOS. 

Available on the App Store
montage image

Zoom's Original Preamp Models

Krampus Drive

Combines the brightness of an 80's British preamp, with the solid low range of a modern high gain amp.

Redloom Drive

Merges the simple tone of early guitar amps with the rich overtones of a 60's tube amp, perfect for rhythm guitar.

Velvet Drive

Provides a smooth character that balances the dynamic response between the wound and plain strings, enabling you to play both lead and rhythm.

montage image 2

Muddy Drive

Delivers a vintage amp sound perfect for gritty Blues.

7 Heaven Drive

Combines a very tight low end with expanded dynamic response, perfect for 7 and 8 string guitars.

Pollex Drive

With extreme drop-tuning, this amp is designed for slap-playing or the heavy-metal sound of Djent.


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The Power of Multi-Effects in a Single Stompbox

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